May 292019

Spicy Honey Marinade for Chicken

Side view of cooked marinated chicken and potatoes on grey plate with lime wedges

A sweet and spicy marinade for chicken with honey and balsamic, perfect for grilling or baking. Well I suppose this is a bit of cop-out recipe (and late at that) but I’m still getting back to a regular schedule and activity level. But it is a tasty cop-out. And I have plenty of pictures to make up for it. I am not in any way an expert on grilling. I’m good with the flavours, but the actual cooking, not so much. H does a lot of the grilling for us. So I won’t try to offer any instructions to that…Continue Reading

Apr 202019
Side view mixed greens spread with potato wedges

A versatile sauce made from any leftover greens you have, with a hint of garlic and spring onion. Ever wonder what to do with radish, turnip, or even carrot greens? You could certainly make pesto variations, and I suppose this is one – with a few tweaks. What greens can be used for this? Almost any. I haven’t tried a significant portion of kale or beet greens, and I’m guessing those would change the texture and processing time given their thicker cuticle (that’s the exterior part that makes a leaf stiff – not in reference to a nail bed), but…Continue Reading