Twists & Zests is the long waited result of pressure from a close friend (T) and my significant other (H) to write a food blog  – so that they can get my recipes.

Or so that I actually have to write down my recipes, it might be that.

 In honor of them, much of my goal here will be to write down recipes that can be followed by a novice (i.e. H) but with discussions and suggested variations that will appeal to those who are more experimental in the kitchen (like T). And I will hopefully get better at food photography in the meantime!

You will also find the occasional tangent into the science of cooking. I think it is so important to understand the whys of the kitchen (and everything really). It helps with innovation if you know the principles behind the components and techniques, and makes you follow what otherwise seem to be tedious steps.

Having grown up in California (mostly) with its abundance of produce all year round, my food and drink preferences are influenced by local, seasonal ingredients. But really, I make whatever sounds good at the time – or that I have the ingredients for. All of which is aided and abetted – mostly abetted – by the household menagerie, including the best kitchen floor cleaner, Dyson (the perpetual puppy).



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