May 262019

Strawberry Lavender Cookies

Strawberry lavender sandwich cookies with a blue napkin

Nutty almond and lavender cookies sandwiched with strawberry jam and topped with white chocolate and more lavender for fun spring treat. Sorry I’ve abandoned you all recently. A couple weeks ago I had surgery to remove a benign tumour, and I haven’t bounce back as quickly as I was expecting to. I think I’ve cooked a grand total of three times in the last two weeks, and it wore me out every time. H is alternating between laughing at me and being very helpful, doing my usual job of making sure us and the four-feets are fed. I expected the…Continue Reading

May 182019

Cookbook Coming Soon!

Cover of e-cookbook: Produce Basket Cooking

Unfortunately some medical issues are extending the intermission of Strawberry Fest 2019. I was hoping to be back to it by today but my body just isn’t cooperating. I promise I will work on having a better prepared lineup of posts for you in the future! I don’t want to make you wait for tasty recipes. This post may contain affiliate links. These help me support the blog so I can continue bringing you more recipes. All opinions are my own. But in the mean time, how about some teasers from my soon to be released freebie? I noticed from…Continue Reading