May 142019

Banana and Coffee Cake

Single slice with remaining loaf of banana and coffee cake with banana and white jug

A tender banana cake with a hint of coffee and a sweet cold-brew drizzle. Today will be rather brief, but I committed myself to two recipes each week for you and I intend to stick to it despite life things trying to get in the way. I do have another recipe to add to the strawberry fest of the last couple weeks, but I’m afraid it will have to wait. And so I present an excellent banana and coffee cake. Not a coffee cake, but a banana cake with coffee – semantics are important. Speaking of, what makes something a…Continue Reading

Jan 302019

Winter Syrups and Liqueurs: Part 2 – Coffee Spice Syrup

A rich coffee flavored syrup with hints of cinnamon, pepper, and other spices. Plus a Citrine Coffee cocktail highlighting the amazing coexistence of coffee and citrus. I was having difficultly writing a good article for this syrup and then I got distracted by improving my photography. I took the plunge and asked for some advice from other food bloggers and I have gone a little overboard implementing the suggestions. Better backgrounds, more interesting props and dishes and most of all, better light. I even created a DIY light box that is working very well. I now have a huge backlog…Continue Reading