Jun 182019

Incredibly Flaky Onion Cheddar Scones

Onion cheddar scones with an onion on a blue stripe towel

Tender, flaky scones with slightly caramelized spring onions and sharp cheddar. Everyone needs a good scone recipe. Something that is a good base for whatever your preference in scones is – crumbly or flaky (my preference is flaky). And once you have a good base you can add anything to it (if you even need to). I don’t remember where I got my scone recipe from. I think I started basing it on something from The Joy of Cooking years ago, but I know it’s adapted since. Many recipes that include cream do not have eggs, but I like both.…Continue Reading

Apr 202019
Side view mixed greens spread with potato wedges

A versatile sauce made from any leftover greens you have, with a hint of garlic and spring onion. Ever wonder what to do with radish, turnip, or even carrot greens? You could certainly make pesto variations, and I suppose this is one – with a few tweaks. What greens can be used for this? Almost any. I haven’t tried a significant portion of kale or beet greens, and I’m guessing those would change the texture and processing time given their thicker cuticle (that’s the exterior part that makes a leaf stiff – not in reference to a nail bed), but…Continue Reading

Sep 252018

Chickpeas with Egg, Grapes, and Tomatoes

Sometimes subtle flavors can be some of the best. You don’t need to drown something in sauce to make it taste good. That’s not to say there aren’t delicious sauces that you might want to put on everything. But there are times when you don’t want to put a bunch of effort into a dish, and that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. This is one of those quick to throw together dishes which tastes delicious. I tend to keep cooked chickpeas and hard-boiled eggs available as much as possible because they are such easy additions to a salad…Continue Reading