Jun 182019

Incredibly Flaky Onion Cheddar Scones

Onion cheddar scones with an onion on a blue stripe towel

Tender, flaky scones with slightly caramelized spring onions and sharp cheddar. Everyone needs a good scone recipe. Something that is a good base for whatever your preference in scones is – crumbly or flaky (my preference is flaky). And once you have a good base you can add anything to it (if you even need to). I don’t remember where I got my scone recipe from. I think I started basing it on something from The Joy of Cooking years ago, but I know it’s adapted since. Many recipes that include cream do not have eggs, but I like both.…Continue Reading

Jun 152019

Blueberry Basil Shrub

Blueberry basil shrub in bottle with 2 cocktails in front

A tangy blueberry shrub with garden basil and balsamic for an exciting summer beverage that can be served with (or without) alcohol. Warm weather definitely calls for refreshing sparkling drinks that can be served over lots of ice. I haven’t done a blueberry shrub previously, so it seemed an excellent use for the blueberries at the farmstand. Also, basil! I planted 5 different varieties this year including a new one I hadn’t seen before: Greek bush basil – it has super tiny leaves! I used primarily the Genovese and the purple basil in the shrub, but any standard variety works.…Continue Reading

Jun 112019

Marinated Fava Beans

Marinated fava beans on a off-shite plate with bread and cheese in background

Fresh fava beans marinated with dill and caraway make for a great recipe to add to your next mezze platter or cheese board. Like peas, fava beans are one of the things I planted in the garden this year that are doing well for once. Not many, but some. I also get a lot of them during the spring from our local farm stands. I typically use them in salads or as part of a sauté, but I wanted to offer something different for a change and with this heat I’ve been eating a lot of cold vegetables for supper.…Continue Reading

Jun 082019

Red Wine Rhubarb Syrup

Candied rhubarb, rhubarb wine syrup, syrup on ice cream

A tasty red wine and rhubarb syrup for pouring on ice cream or waffles or to use in drinks. And some crystallized rhubarb for good measure. With spring nearly ending I was intent on making a rhubarb syrup to share. But I wanted something different than my typical fruit and spices or herbs. Well I did just pick up a wine club shipment. And who doesn’t like a red wine reduction? I suggest a fruity red for this rather than something dry. I used one of our California fruit bomb cabernets. And because I had a bit of extra rhubarb,…Continue Reading

Jun 042019

Peach and Snap Pea Salad

Peach and snap peas salad in white bowl

Peaches and fresh garden snap peas combine in a light vinegary dressing with some nutty cheese in a light salad for the cusp of spring and summer. Only in California will peaches and snap peas be in season at the same time. Honestly, I’m not cheating. The peaches came from the farmer’s market last week and the peas came from my garden. As an aside, I’m so pleased I actually managed to have a few snap pea vines producing this year. Every year I try to grow them and only get a couple peas. This year I have lovely sweet…Continue Reading

Jun 012019

Rhubarb Cream Cake

Side view of rhubarb cream cake on cake stand and green background

A tender cake with bright rhubarb and lime, topped with walnuts and brown sugar. A perfect anytime cake that you can just about justify being breakfast. Alright, I’m back on schedule. Sort of. It counts if it’s before midnight. I haven’t been cooking much post-surgery which is reducing my enthusiasm for getting new posts written. I really prefer the cooking and the photography to the expository writing so it ends up being 3-4 recipes cooked per post written to keep me excited about it. But you deserve content! And before spring ends (I can’t believe it’s June already) I needed…Continue Reading

May 292019

Spicy Honey Marinade for Chicken

Side view of cooked marinated chicken and potatoes on grey plate with lime wedges

A sweet and spicy marinade for chicken with honey and balsamic, perfect for grilling or baking. Well I suppose this is a bit of cop-out recipe (and late at that) but I’m still getting back to a regular schedule and activity level. But it is a tasty cop-out. And I have plenty of pictures to make up for it. I am not in any way an expert on grilling. I’m good with the flavours, but the actual cooking, not so much. H does a lot of the grilling for us. So I won’t try to offer any instructions to that…Continue Reading

May 262019

Strawberry Lavender Cookies

Strawberry lavender sandwich cookies with a blue napkin

Nutty almond and lavender cookies sandwiched with strawberry jam and topped with white chocolate and more lavender for fun spring treat. Sorry I’ve abandoned you all recently. A couple weeks ago I had surgery to remove a benign tumour, and I haven’t bounce back as quickly as I was expecting to. I think I’ve cooked a grand total of three times in the last two weeks, and it wore me out every time. H is alternating between laughing at me and being very helpful, doing my usual job of making sure us and the four-feets are fed. I expected the…Continue Reading

May 182019

Cookbook Coming Soon!

Cover of e-cookbook: Produce Basket Cooking

Unfortunately some medical issues are extending the intermission of Strawberry Fest 2019. I was hoping to be back to it by today but my body just isn’t cooperating. I promise I will work on having a better prepared lineup of posts for you in the future! I don’t want to make you wait for tasty recipes. This post may contain affiliate links. These help me support the blog so I can continue bringing you more recipes. All opinions are my own. But in the mean time, how about some teasers from my soon to be released freebie? I noticed from…Continue Reading

May 142019

Banana and Coffee Cake

Single slice with remaining loaf of banana and coffee cake with banana and white jug

A tender banana cake with a hint of coffee and a sweet cold-brew drizzle. Today will be rather brief, but I committed myself to two recipes each week for you and I intend to stick to it despite life things trying to get in the way. I do have another recipe to add to the strawberry fest of the last couple weeks, but I’m afraid it will have to wait. And so I present an excellent banana and coffee cake. Not a coffee cake, but a banana cake with coffee – semantics are important. Speaking of, what makes something a…Continue Reading